A room-by-room guide to Moroccan rugs

Packed with traditional symbolism and varying greatly depending on the region in which they are woven, Moroccan rugs come in a broad range of styles, colours, sizes, weaves and materials. Moroccan rug designs range from vibrant tribal graphics to bright block colour, cool monochrome, and natural muted tones. Their incredible versatility allows them to be placed in any room in the house. Our room-by-room guide below tells you where each rug will be happiest. It's easy as ABC... 

A is for Access All Areas
Our Boucherouite rugs are the perfect rug for high traffic areas. Incredibly hard wearing and machine washable on a delicate cycle, they will suit kitchens, hallways, kids bedrooms, living rooms... simply any room in the house. The vibrant look of these contemporary rugs will complement any interior - choose from a range of monochrome or colourful weaves. Our Kilim rugs are equally as versatile. 
These flat weave rugs will bring joy to any room of the house through the wide palette of colours, flexible enough to fit in with a range of colour schemes.


B is for Beni Ouarain... and bedrooms
Never has a rug felt more luxurious underfoot - especially when you're barefoot in the bedroom. There's something rather regal about Beni Ouarain rugs and we carefully hand source ours vintage finds. Super soft, they are hand-knotted from virgin wool in the Atlas Mountains. The diamond geometric patterns originating from Atlas tribes make them a timeless piece and perfectly fit any modern interior. 

Azilal rugs are also great in the bedroom. Choose monochrome, contemporary styles or a pop of colour. They are hand-knotted by Berber artisans in the Atlas Mountains and made with virgin wool. Both of these rug types are extremely hard-wearing and will last a life time if you maintain them. 


C is for Contemporary
Our Aït Bouguemez rugs are the last word in monochrome contemporary cool. Hand-loomed by Berber women in a cooperative of Aït Bouguemez in Morocco, also known as the Happy Valley, they combine graphic embroidery with 100% virgin wool. These rugs are great for living rooms, bedrooms and home offices. 


All you have to do now is find your perfect rug. Shop our full range of Moroccan rugs here.