An Insider's Guide: The top five beaches in Morocco

In this instalment of our Insider's Guide series, we’re giving you the lowdown on Morocco’s best beaches. Think sweeping beaches, turquoise lagoons and wind-carved rocks.

With the Sahara right on the doorstep, Morocco isn’t short of a little sand. And while heady nights in Marrakech, Fes or Casablanca may spring to mind when you think of a trip to Morocco, it’s the Moroccan beaches that are the real surprise. With 1,200 miles of spectacular coastline to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Here are our top five best beaches in Morocco…

If you want beaches and skies in candy pastel shades, wide-open spaces, tranquillity and the chance to do some water sports should the mood take you, then Dakhla is a must. A two-hour flight south of Marrakech, Dahkla allows you to completely kick back, explore the local culture and wildlife or catch some waves. Located on a slender peninsula of the Atlantic Coast, you have a flat-water lagoon on one side, and on the other, one of the world’s finest surf spots. (pic credits @oceanvagabonddakhla.lagon on Instagram).

Legzira, Sidi Ifni
Sidi Ifni offers the best of both worlds – a captivating city with a laid-back vibe and Spanish influences, and the beaches – stunning stretches of sand with rocky cliffs and dazzling sunsets. The spectacular thousand-year-old rock archway formed from years of erosion is something that has to be seen. There were once two, but only one stands now, inviting you to stroll through the archway during low tide and look up in sheer wonder.


taghazout beach morocco

If you want to check out a local fishing village, look no further than Taghazout. Famous for its surf scene, Taghazout has a number of beaches worth exploring. La Source is a lovely stretch of sand with gentler waves that are ideal for surfing beginners. The aptly named Devil’s Rock is for the more intermediate surfer. Not into getting on a board? No problem. There is plenty to explore within the village itself including cafés and shops. You’ll also find palm-lined natural pools and waterfalls nearby.

 essaouria beach morocco

Moulay Bouzerktoune, Essaouira
Essaouira is the perfect serene antidote to the other bustling Moroccan cities. Known as the ‘Wind City of Africa’, it has become a hub for kite and windsurfing enthusiasts. Wander through the fortified 18th-century medina, follow the scent of spices through the palm-lined lanes and watch the traditional Majorelle blue fishing boats bobbing in the dock as they’re prepped for the next fishing trip. When you’re ready to hit the beach and the surf, Moulay Bouzerktoune is the prime spot for water sports.


Rmilate Beach, Asilah
Wherever you go in the world, you’re guaranteed to find a good spot if you go where the locals go. This is the case at Rmilate Beach – otherwise know as Paradise Beach, and for good reason. Just a few kilometres from the town of Asilah, the beach is a wide expanse of calm, uncrowded quiet. Take a horseback ride along the shore with one of the locals, sample fish tagine made fresh from the catch of the day and stroll through the white-washed walls of Asilah’s medina.

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