Boucherouite - a skill woven through the ages

You may be familiar with the Boucherouite style of Moroccan rug or cushion, but not know its proper name, or the story of its design or origin. It is a style often copied by modern manufacturers but we are passionate about sourcing only the finest, authentic, hand-woven designs for Boho Souk, direct from the Berber artisans who have been creating these textiles for generations in the Ourika Valley and the surrounding area.

boucherouite rugs in UK

The popularity of the Boucherouite style back in the UK, and in Western interiors is because it translates well into a modern home; the neutral backdrop is interwoven with a bold tribal design and fun pops of colour making them a great way of adding colour to a room, without being overpowering. They are also extremely practical and hardwearing, many are able to be machine washed (great for kids rooms!) and they are the perfect floor covering for high-traffic areas such as halls and kitchens.

kilim moroccan rugs

So - what do we look for in the rugs we sell? Well, it is partly down to instinct - buying directly woman to woman from the female weavers, we need to feel a connection. In French we say 'coupe de coeur' - when a design immediately talks to us and captures our heart - only then will we bring it home with us. We are also looking for the finest skills and the best quality fabrics and colours that we know our clients love. The rugs are hand-knotted from recycled fabrics the weaver has to hand - the ultimate in upcycling! - breathing new life into old textiles. It is a similar process to 'rag rugging' in European heritage, a resourceful technique of creating a new textile for the home from spent clothing, or leftover scraps of fabric or even leather.

Some rugs are kept as whole pieces, whilst others are reimagined again into our Boucherouite cushion collection.

moroccan cushions

boucherouite cushions

The design is wholly down to the weaver herself and so each showcases their lives and emotions, woven into her design. We are very lucky to work directly with these skilled women and are proud to bring their designs back to the UK, it allows us to offer beautifully authentic Moroccan textiles, and it provides a sustainable income for these talented Berber women.

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Because we work directly with our suppliers, we are also able to offer a bespoke sourcing service - so if you don't see the dimensions you are looking for, or want us to source a rug to go with a particular colour scheme - get in touch!