Boucherouite Rugs: Rags to Riches

Until relatively recently, Boucherouite rugs have been used behind closed doors of Moroccan homes to cover up the family’s finest wool rugs and for use on horses and camels carrying goods. Even souk shopkeepers wouldn’t display them – but all of that has changed. With the fascination for them growing in Europe, the United States and Japan, the Boucherouite rug has finally found its spot in the limelight.

Boucherouite is the art of creating colourful handmade rugs from scraps of vintage fabric. Typically made by Berber tribeswomen in the Atlas Mountains, thousands of scraps of cotton, nylon and wool are woven together resulting in fabulously colourful creations.

Some rugs carry the classic diamond motif which can be traced to Moroccan and African culture from Neolithic times, but generally each rug is an expression of each Berber woman’s creativity, not pre-defined and not drawn out beforehand.

Each rug represents the family history of the weaver. The strips of material used may have originally been a favourite djellabah, scarf or cushion cover of a family member, and the pieces are knotted together to give new life to much-loved textiles.

A Boucherouite rug is completely unique, possessing an undeniable humble honesty. It is this authenticity combined with the contemporary aesthetic and sense of sustainability that has captured the hearts of many seeking modern, playful yet ethical home accessories. For many Boucherouite rug owners, they are coveted as a work of art.

Here at Boho Souk, Boucherouite rugs are our greatest passion. We ethically source the highest quality examples of this traditional hand-woven product from Berber villages. We love them not only because of their heritage, sustainability and vibrant look, but also because they are supremely practical. They will complement any interior and are excellent for high traffic areas such as kitchens, dining areas and hallways. Most Boucherouite rugs can be machine washed, making them the perfect rug for the busier areas of your home, or if you have children and pets.

Choose from a range of monochrome or colourful designs – shop our collection of Boucherouite rugs here.