Moroccan Monochrome

There’s a timeless elegance about the monochrome look. Whether you just add it to a section of a room, or dedicate an entire space or even your whole house to it, it’s a bold yet versatile style statement unlike any other. We love it because it’s a look you can easily achieve with Moroccan inspired accessories. Here's how...

Moroccan rugs
Make a statement with a striking black and white rug. Our traditionally woven Aït Bouguemez rugs have been hand-loomed by Berber women in a cooperative of Aït Bouguemez in Morocco using the finest virgin wool.

Or opt for the ‘king of carpets’; a Beni Ouarain rug is considered to be the most desirable by those in the know due to their generous pile and pearlescent sheen.

With a muted background and stylised monochrome detail, it’s little wonder that Beni Ouarain carpets were favoured by renowned modernist designers such as Le Corbusier and Alvar Aalto.


Lula Diamond Pattern Aït Bouguemez Rug - £120

Tidda Grey Diamond Pattern Beni Ouarain Rug - £370

Cushions & pouffes

To complement your rugs, add a touch of monochrome to your sofas and chairs with a black & white Sabra cushion. Or up the comfort levels with a sumptuous Beni Ouarain pouffe. 

Beni Ouarain pouffe - £180

Little accessories
There’s nothing like a pop of colour to lift a monochrome interior. Whether it’s orange, yellow, pink or teal blue, bringing in an extra colour in small doses makes your look all the more striking and adds a contemporary touch. We love these little bowls and treasure boxes which are perfect for dotting around the house to store small items.


Treasure boxes - £17

Checked bowls - £10


Black & white bathrooms
If you’re not fully ready to embrace going monochrome in one of your living spaces, why not try it in the bathroom for a chic and modern look? Pair black and white tiles or Moroccan tadelakt plaster with beautiful hand-woven bathmats and storage baskets.


Black & white bath mat - £35

Storage basket in black - £55