Summer Exhibition at the YSL Museum, Marrakech: Desert Design

We are excited to visit the new summer exhibition at the YSL Museum in Marrakech (that we featured in our city guide last month). The 'Desert Design' show begins on the 16 June, running until October - it will showcase the 'incredible talent of Berber weavers'. Featuring 30 rugs woven by women of the Aît Khebbach tribe, from the easternmost region of Morocco.

Since we launched, our passion has been to source authentic, ethically hand-woven rugs and textiles from women's co-operatives in the Berber tribes of Morocco. To have their work recognised and celebrated by such a prestigious design museum is so exciting; in a statement from the museum they have said: "The vibrancy and patterns of the rugs, as well as the recycled material used to make them bear witness to the remarkable creativity of these Berber weavers, and contrasts with the harsh and desolate environment in which they live".

We couldn't agree more. Read our recent blog about the hidden meaning in Berber tribal patterns, and shop our range of authentic new and vintage Berber rugs online.

A selection of our hand woven rugs: