The Desert Collection

Think of Morocco and you might have visions of ruby reds, ochre, saffron and cobalt blue. But beyond these bold tones, the north African country possesses another far softer colour palette. It's one of creamy desert sands, pink sunsets over shifting dunes and pale blue morning skies. And it's these pastel colours of Morocco that have inspired our new Desert Collection. 

Neutral and pastel tones bring a calm, soothing feeling to any living space and our new range does exactly that. Sabra cushions in pretty pastel shades take the lead in the Desert Collection. In a tradition dating back thousands of years, the leaves from the Saharan Aloe Vera Cactus are crushed and soaked in water to break up the fibres. These are then spun into a fine silk from which the cushions are made. All of our Sabra cushions are ethically sourced directly from co-operatives and artisans in Morocco.

Among the collection you can also find ceramics, bath mats, rugs and more - all in soothing shades of cream, pink, pale blue, taupe and grey. Discover the Desert Collection now...

Sabra silk cushions


Sabra cushion - blue - £55
Sabra cushion - grey - £55


Pastel Boucherouite rugs


Selyan Pastel colours Boucherouite Rug - £230
Ania Pink background & Tree pattern Boucherouite Rug - £130


Neutral bath mats

Bath mat - white & black - £35
Bath mat - natural & black - £35


Pottery & glassware

Berber sign bowls - £10
Beldi medium glasses - set of 6 - £30